New Baby Essentials GIVEAWAY!

A few months ago I was thinking about what I wanted to do to celebrate reaching 30k followers on Instagram. I immediately thought of a giveaway, but not just any giveaway, a HUGE giveaway. So here it is, my $2k giveaway. One lucky winner will receive: 


 • Orbit Baby G3 - stroller frame + seat + cargo basket + sunshade color of your choice (as long as it's in stock) : $1280 value

 • ErgoBaby - teal carrier and swaddle in natural: $140 value

 • Puj - Splash newborn bath set : $75 value

 • Paige Lauren - grey 0-3m sleeper : $44 value

 • Aden and Anais - pack of Super Star Scout swaddles : $50 value

 • Chewbeads - one teether and two necklaces : $76 value

 • The Honest Co - one month supply of diapers and wipes : $80 value

 • Roxy Marj - Bear Blanket : $125 value

 • Candy Kirby Designs - $100 gift card

 ••• open to US and Canda residents only, sorry! •••

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  • Posted by Nasko on

    Hiya, I simply hopepd over to your web page via StumbleUpon.No longer one thing I would usually get, however I preferred your feelingsnone the less. Thanks for making one thing value reading.

  • Posted by Raiizza on

    willie, everyone, voitng out the old narrow minded ploiticians who were raised during the period in history when pot did become illegal circa 1930 s. and voitng in younger politicians who tend not to be so narrow minded. and thanks to people like willie, woody, shatner, timberlake ect, are vocalizing their opinions, the show weeds, is a good example of someone who got in the biz, just to survive.the busts that are taking place in michigan by federal agents haressing growers, trying to survive during this econimic crisis at this point in history.our new president obama is getting feed back from me and others that feel the same way as i do, and let me know via facebook how they feel. getting quit a few new friends to add to my pot list group. smokers and non smokers who understand that smoking is our dicision not theres. we are not hurting them in anyway.pot is medically legal in mi, and i’m one of the lucky ones who are legal. my friends and family helped by voitng to legalize medically. even my 80 year old mother voted yes for the legalization , though she has been on my ass about it for the past 40 years.and as far a smoking a blunt in a croud, maybe someday, but you also have to look at it others feel and the smoke blowing in there faces and the faces of their children.i personally ,smoked a joint in the middle of and intersection, at a festival with two cops talking to me, incourging me to lite up. one was legal. there comment was i wish more people would do the same. went into the croud, passed to someothers, then a homeless man came up and wanted some, so i gave him the rest of the dube, and was very pleased with the out come. and had a great time listning to the music the rest of the evening. my point, is VOTE. contact all leveles of our government, local, state and federal. i get the feeling you are young. and willie, thanks again. hope you have read some of the emails i have sent you. legal in lansing (mi) jomo.

  • Posted by Harjit on

    To Brandon, I would say it ain’t legal yet, it will still get yer butt in trouble. To Willie: Make it legal!? Uh huh, yeah, right. We, the ploepe, cannot make it legal. We can vote until we are blue in the face but the entire political process is a sham. We can only vote for the approved puppets. And since they make so much money off of pot being illegal, they are not about to make it legal. There is only one way to make it legal, and the ploepe of this country are by and large too weak to make the decision to act to make the changes that would allow the ploepe to change the law rather than waiting for those currently in power to do so. It involves removing those in power, and you cannot do that by voting.

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