the CUSTOM rag doll - no. 1


• i'm probably biased, but these are the CUTEST RAG DOLLS EVER. hours of love have been poured into each heirloom-quality doll

• made of a cotton/linen body and yarn hair, this dolly is as sweet as they come

• hand embroidered eyes, mouth, eyebrows, and freckles make her unique and truly one-of-a-kind

• includes a removable dress with a ribbon-tie closure + a small purse

• hand stuffed with polyester filling

• measures 17" tall

• this rag doll has button shoulders and while they have been sewn securely, care should be taken when placed near little ones. if they are removed, they are a choking hazard. not suitable for children under three years of age.

• handmade with love in seattle, wa

• ships 3-4 weeks after all details for the doll have been agreed upon via email after purchase of this listing.




     - the doll in the first picture is the actual doll you will receive. you will get to pick her yarn hair color and her outfit. after purchasing the listing, email me at hi@candykirbydesigns (you'll also see this email address when you receive an order confirmation email) on your choices for your doll. I have a wide selection of yarns and fabrics for dresses available (see photo of the dolls on the piano for examples), but if you wanted to send me specific yarn for her hair or fabric (I can make her dress from sentimental fabric or even cut up a sentimental piece of clothing to make it), that can be arranged.



     - i understand that the cost of this doll is a bit of a budget bender. it is made by my own to hands with meticulous attention to detail. it takes hours to make a single doll. the materials I use to make these dolls are high quality and expensive, not to mention the years of practice it has taken me to master this craft. please do not be unkind to me about the cost. I am a single mother with three children to provide for and we live in an area with a high cost of living (thanks, amazon!). artists and craftspeople are routinely undervalued for their talents with the added bonus of people telling us to our faces that our items are "not worth the price." we don't follow anyone to their jobs and tell them (or their bosses) that they aren't worth their paycheck, so please don't do that to us. we're just trying to earn an honest living. thank you.


$ 188.00