• the mila doll

the mila doll


hi, i'm mila. i have blonde hair and pink, rosy cheeks. i have a pink top and a peter pan collar. i have white knee socks and purple mary janes. i have an aqua bow and a beautiful donut bubble skirt. i love taking long road trips and trying on new shoes. i'm soft and cuddly and want to be your best friend. will you be mine?


mila is 18" tall, machine and hand sewn, and filled with love. she is ready to ship and comes gift wrapped for that special little lady in your life.


due to the handmade nature of mila, her bow placement and skirt print may vary slightly. she is machine and hand sewn with love. she isn't completely indestructible, so some care should be used when playing with her. there may be tiny white flecks on the doll's fabric. this isn't an imperfection, it occurs when there is a small piece of fuzz or lint on the fabric when the doll fabric is printed and then falls off in processing, revealing a small white dot. this is completely normal and should be expected. most doll's little white spots aren't that noticeable and most don't even have them on their faces, but some do.

$ 64.00