the imperfect sloan doll


• these dolls are considered seconds. they haven't met my standards for normal inventory, but they're still nice dolls. most imperfections aren't very noticeable at all.

• some are sample dolls that have different colored bows than the rest of the inventory

• they have imperfections that include, but are not limited to:

     • uneven stitching

     • loose stitching around arms/body/head/legs

     • a small hole that has been repaired, but is still noticeable

     • a small hole that needs to be mended

     • slight discoloration on face or body

     • a snag in the tulle or fabric

     • a small dot/stain/mark

     • backwards feet

     • loose bow

• please do not purchase these dolls if you are uncomfortable with their imperfections. some of these are over 50% off their regular price and priced to sell. 

• imperfect dolls do not come in keepsake drawstring muslin bag

• the photos on this listing are NOT of the actual doll being sold. 

• photos 2-9 are examples of imperfections.

• no refunds, no exchanges, this doll is AS-IS

: : : : :  THIS DOLL IS FINAL SALE  : : : : :


$ 64.00

$ 35.00