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  • the smith doll

the smith doll

hi, i'm smith. i love striped shirts and playing in the dirt. building forts, playing outside and reading funny books are some of our favorite things to do. i'm soft and cuddly and want to be your best friend. will you be mine?


the boy dolls are 18" tall, machine and hand sewn, and filled with love. 


there may be tiny white flecks on the doll's fabric. this isn't an imperfection, it occurs when there is a small piece of fuzz or lint on the fabric when the doll fabric is printed and then falls off in processing, revealing a small white dot. this is completely normal and should be expected. most doll's little white spots aren't that noticeable and most don't even have them on their faces, but some do.


• • • all discounted/sale dolls are FINAL SALE and do NOT come in muslin bags • • •

$ 48.00

$ 35.00